Acrylic Face Mounting

Bring your ocean art print and any wall it hangs on to life with our Acrylic Face Mounted framing method. The most eye-catching way to display your ocean art, Acrylic Face Mounted prints are given an ultra-sleek, sophisticated look while really enhancing colour vibrancy.

To really give your artwork that 'extra edge', all Acrylic Face Mounted prints use a metallic pearl paper which is infused with a layer of metal oxides, giving an outstanding metallic reflection making this solution an ideal accent to any wall and living space.

Gallery Frame

The Gallery Frame combines both premium archival paper with an ultra thick mat. A simple and elegant framing solution, Gallery Frames are available in Natural Oak, White or Black.

Deep-Set Shadow Frame

Add depth to your wall with the Deep-Set Shadow Frame option. Like the Gallery Frame solution, this elegant framing soliton is available in aNatural Oak, White or Black frame that is deep-set - which will set your artwork back from the photo glass by one inch.

Stretched Canvas (Ready to hang)

Printed using the highest grade 440gsm fine art canvas material, all canvases are tensioned over a stretched bar made from genuine quality hardwood to prevent any bending. Our archival quality canvas prints are water resistant, acid free and will retain their shape. The final product is then treated with a laminate to protect from UV colour fading and scratch protection. Being lightweight to hang, a Stretched Canvas is a perfect for those renting a home or office as drilling holes into a wall to hang the print is not always required.