Ocean Art Photo Papers

Our Ocean Art Photo Papers

We care greatly about the finished quality of the finished product and each print is distinguished for its premium quality materials. We offer three archival-grade materials to produce prints on.

Satin matte paper - ALL CLASS

Satin matte paper is perfect printing, resulting with crisp whites and rich blacks that deliver a classic look to the finished print.

Metallic paper - A LUXURIANT EFFECT

Given the nature of our Ocean Art and Seascape prints, the metallic print solution best compliments the genre of surf photography. Metallic paper delivers a liquid look and feel to the print when viewed aided by rich lasting colour tone and depth.

For a sleek, classy look there is no better material to produce a print on. Combining this with our clean 6mm floating acrylic wall mount (mentioned below). Your print will be a true statement piece for your home or office wall.


Printed using the worlds' finest inks and the highest grade 440gsm fine art canvas material, all canvases are tensioned over a stretched bar made from genuine quality hardwood to prevent any bending.

Canvas prints are layered with a covering of laminate that defends against UV colour fading, scratch protection and water spills.

Being lightweight to hang, this print solution is perfect for those renting their home or office. Often covering large wall spaces, canvas prints do not always require drilling into walls and can be easily moved around the premise.

Bedroom Ocean Art Photographer from Sydney, Australia | Chris Dixon Ocean